Monday, September 8, 2008

Litsonan sa Kadalanan! Today!

Every year in the celebration of the Araw ng Digos City, Litsonan sa Kadalanan is a big hit for the masses anf for those who are lovers of Lechon (grilled suckling pig).

More on this after the jump!

The usual Php350.00 / kilo price of lechon are slashed and will now sold during the celebration for only Php 270.00 /per kilo. This is always present during fiesta's around the Philippines.

Ant it goes well with Puso (rice cooked in wrappes coconut leaves) as shown above.

You will not only see lechon being sold and grilled on the street, but also you will be serenaded by a Rondalla Band while shopping around or your favorite lechon.

Young and old alike will share their musicality on the street with their favorite instruments.

A lady isalready busy chopping the lechon into small pieces for her to sell.

Leconeros as they are called are the one who turns the pig while being grilled. We still make our lechon the traditional way.

The pig are lining up for the grill to be cooked.

They have to endure the smoke from the coal while grilling the yummy lechon.



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