Saturday, October 18, 2008

The Puerto Princesa Subterranean River Park!

Palawan has a lot to offer when it comes to eco-tourism. Puerto Princesa’s Subterranean River National Park is almost 2 hour drive from the city and half of the road going there is not paved or cemented. Thirty minutes before you arrive at the coast going to the cave the road are mostly rough gravel and mountainous. You need to register and pay the boat fare and the underground river on the port. Then you will ride a small boat going to the park. There at the park you’ll find an entire ecosystem of fish, bats, birds and all those other wildlife to explore.

You will see this sign on the park, it is a trail sign that tells you where to go and what you expect to see.

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Before anything else, you are required to:

  • register your name and address
  • wear the required attire, the helmet and life vest
  • Keep your voice to a minimum while inside the cave
  • Not to scare the cave dwellers( I don’t know what that means
  • No smoking and eating while inside the cave
  • Do not take rocks as souvenirs
  • Do not leave a trash in the boat or in the water
  • Stay calm at all times
  • and trust your able cave guides

If you’re all geared up for the ride then it is time to ride the boat and go inside the cave.

Look out for manong the tourist guide–this guy will make the trip even more worthwhile. But this tour guide is the best there is in the country. I tell you, he’s made my trip worthwhile. Humor on the boat–that’s nice! There are formations that I’ve seen cathedrals, bananas, even mushrooms inside this wondrous spot formed by stalactites and stalagmites for millions of years!

An advice to firs timers, be early so that you will also leave early since the cave cannot accommodate all the tourist that wants to go inside the cave at once, we have to take our turns since a boat can only accommodate 6-8 persons at a time.

That was an amazing experience, it’s all worth every penny I spent in going to Palawan!



Joyceee said...

was here just last month! saya!

jean said...

It's always great, to find a trustworthy and capable local guide. The trip then would be of much fun and memoriable. :)
local guides, local wisdom

Charles said...

That's very true and the guides that you can find there are very competent and they are mostly regulated. So I could say that they are very much reliable!

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