Friday, September 5, 2008

Matt Mullenweg is in Davao WordCamp!

Matt Mullemweg the co-founder of WordPress is on world tour and he made a stop here in Davao City for a mini WordCamp Davao before going to Manila for the WordCamp Philippines. As what Blogie Robillo said before the event last night at Brian's Grill and Cafe' they had a short tour with Matt at Eden Park in Toril, Davao City.

Matt arrived at the venue at around 7:20 p.m. and we are already present together with other Davao bloggers and some people from out of town. We were around 40 participants who attended the affair.

This is his first time in Asia since the Philippines is the first Asian country who invited him to come and make WordCamp Philippines possible. We are very glad that he made a short stop here in Davao enroute to the main event and was nice enought to meet us and talk about WordPress and we are very much grateful that he answered our questions in a very detailed and acurate way.

Last night while the party is going on the rain started to pour, while answering the questions that we wanted to know. The program was held on the poolside of the cafe' and raining at that and Matt tod us also that he is happy that it was raining that night since he doesn't see rain much from where ha came from. The last time he saw rain was last year. He was even happy that he sees birds flying around the pool while he was speaking. But to his surprise they were not birds but bats flying.

It was another experience an first for him to see live bats flying while speaking to a bunch of Davao bloggers. He said so far his imression of the Philippines is very positve.



Miah Laborte said...

weee.... late pud diay abot si matt? wehehehe... nice to see you there.. :)

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