Friday, September 26, 2008

October 5: No Prostitution Day!

Davao City Mayor Rodrigo Duterte signed in 2005 the Proclamation No. 07 that declared October 5 as No Prosti Day. Some non-government organizations in this city will be observing October 5 as the day of No Prostitution.

It’s a day of no prostitution that includes no pornography, phone sex, cyber sex, mail-order bride services, trafficking, strip dancing, sex tours and prostitution in massage parlors, on the streets.

The city’s celebration is a local version of the International Day of No Prostitution (IDNP) project of the Bay Area IDNP Collective in the USA in 2002.

Figures from the City Health Office showed that there are 2,411 registered prostituted women in the city while an NGO cited some 4,000 prostituted women doing their freelance job.

This is a nice day to celebrate a No Prosti Day, this is the firs time I've heard about this declaration. But with the crisis that's going on in the country and rising inflation, this is going to be tough day for those involved to celebrate.



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