Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Kiamba's Children's Park and Tuka Marine Sanctuary visi

As part of the Soccsksargen Experience Tour we visited Kiamba, Saranggani Province and it was awesome experience I should say!

The children’s park in Kianmba is one of the best in the province. It is well maintained with a mini zoo inside a great experience for the locals and visitors alike. The park is just along the beach great place to unwind, bring your kids along and enjoy the scenery along the beach.

The beach house by the children’s park is where the local government of Kiamba, Saranggani Province hosted a sumptuous lunch for the blogger who participated in the Soccsksargen Experience Tour.
The next stop is the Tuka Marine Sanctuary and the the jump off point for the boat rides is just at the back of the children’s park.

Tuka Beach and enclave is a pristine marine sanctuary that play host to a rich and biodiverse fauna. It is just a few minutes boat ride and what welcomes the visitors are the white pristine beaches along the coast.  We had the pleasure to snorkel along the Tuka Marine Sanctuary and there are lots of fishes and corals just a few meters away from the coastline. But a sad reality struck us most, is the presence of  crown of thorn star fish.
The crown-of-thorns starfish (Acanthaster planci) is a large nocturnalsea star coral polyps. The crown-of-thorns is a corallivore, a carnivorous predator that preys on reef coral polyps. They climb onto reef structures, and then extrude their stomach onto the coral. This releases digestive enzymes that allow the starfish to absorb nutrients from the liquefied coral tissue. The crown-of-thorns also preys on brittle stars in a similar fashion.
They are voracious predators. An individual starfish can consume up to 6 square metres (65 sq ft) of living coral reef per year.

The local government of Kiamba are worried about the presence of the Crown Thorns in the Tuka Marine Sanctuary. If only we could help them to save the corals. All we could do as a blogger is to let the world know that the marine sanctuary in the brink of ecological disaster.

Lot of thanks to Avel Manansala who spearheaded the Soccsksargen Experience Tour Part II and the local government of Kiamba, Sarrangani Province for their hospitality. It was really an experience of a lifetime.



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