Wednesday, December 7, 2011

SocSarGen Summer Safari and Mindanao Food Appreciation Tour!

This is the first time that I joined a very big event in SocSarGen area and I tell you it was awesome!
The day started very early for me since we had a call time to meet in front of Ice Castle Hotel, General Santos City where we were accommodated. I woke up at around 5 a.m. and waited for the other bloggers to wake up and call us up since we will be picked up with our transportation going to our destination which is Polomolok, then Lake Sebu, Marbel and back in General Santos City.

Dolores Farm Resort, Polomolok, South Cotabato is our first destination.
We had our breakfast here courtesy of  Dolores Farm Resort, it was refreshing to eat your breakfast in a native inspired hut, surrounded by luscious greenery. This is also the place where you can find the Polomolok Zoo, they also have swimming pool to boast for those who wants to cool down and dip into water.
The breakfast they serve was very filling, they served us fried Bangus and deep fried breaded Tilapia together with fried rice. They also have hotel rooms for travelers and those guests who wants to stay there longer. And one thing more they have a weekend Magic show for kids. They also hosts events and bikini open.

Trek and Zip at Seven Falls
Our next destination is the famous Seven Falls in Lake Sebu where you can trek and ride the most accessible zip line in SocSarGen area. The entrance is P20.oo for adults and from there you can go down and see the highest water fall in the region, the second of the seven waterfalls. If you are fit enough then try going down the 774 steps of stairs to view the majestic second water falls.
If you are brave enough then try the Zip at Seven falls, I was not able to try it, but the bloggers from Cagayan de Oro waited patiently and went back after lunch. Since it was a weekend the cue to ride the zip was very long.

Lunch at Punta Isla Lake Resort
It was a sight to behold, Punta Isla Lake Resort with the view of Lake Sebu. You will experience not only the good food but also the culture and history of the place presented by the native s of the area.
The lunch was superb with fresh ly cooked fish, grilled and fried Tilapia and even “Kinilaw na Tilapia”, the native chicken dish of the T’boli specialty was also served. We really enjoyed the sumptuous lunch.

Merl Garden Spring Resort
We went to Merl Garden Spring Resort for our free snacks at Barangay Lahit, Lake Sebu. Merl Garden is owned by a family from Digos City and they just got there for the weekend to oversee the operation. A perfect palace for a family outing. There is a monkey bar, hanging bridge, banca ride, horse backriding, 40 feet monkey ladder, 2-way zip line, slide for life and bagging challenge.

Sa Balai Bistro, Koronadal City
After the long wait for other bloggers who went to zip at Lake Sebu we headed to Koronadal City Sa Balai Bistro to loosen up. We were greeted with Sa Balai’s drinks that are exclusively their own Pandan Shakes, Mulberry Tea, and Home-Brewed Coffee. Sa Balai has a nice ambiance, an old ancestral house which they turn into a bistro with artistic pieces from different ethic cultures in a mix of European decorations can be seen inside.

Red Tent Steakhouse
To end the day we went to Red Tent Steakhouse, we were serve al fresco under a red tent, that is where they got their name for the restaurant. The food was great we were served with crabs, beef steak, pork, garlic tuna,  and complete with dessert.
Adventure and food are well worth visiting the SocSarGen area, if you happen to pass by the area I highly recommend that you visit these places and I’m sure you wont regret visiting them at all.
A bunch of thanks to the following sponsors:
  • Mr. Rey Billena of The Ice Castle Experience
  • Piyesta KTV and Restobar
  • Pacman Sports Bar
  • Le Jardin Arnevel
  • Dolores Farm Resort
  • Francis Sablon of Zion Travel
  • Seven Falls Zipline
  • Punta Isla Lake Resort
  • Merl Garden Resort
  • Sa Balai Bistro
  • The Red Tent Steakhouse
  • Rolee’s Bakeshop
  • Coffee Club 101
  • Kuya Chito’s Takuyaki
  • SOCCKSarGen Bloggers
  • Avel and Orman Manansala



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