Wednesday, December 7, 2011

T'daan Kini Falls, the lesser known falls in Lake Sebu!

T’daan Kini Falls is located Barangay Lamlahak, Lake Sebu, South Cotabato.  It is the lesser known falls in Lake Sebu area and it is around 45 minutes walk from Sitio Talibuk with nice scenes along the way.

T’daan in the local language (T’boli) means “cold and hot water.Once reaching the falls all your tiredness from walking will all disappear. The fall at the moment can be reached by foot, but once the bridge linking the road getting there will just be a 15 minute walk. Along the road is small community of T’boli tribe which make wood carving as a souvenir items that are being sold. It is one means of livelihood for the tribe in the area. Abaca is abundant in the are thus abaka fibers are being cultivated and processed as a means of livelihood of the common folks in the area.

We passed by two small streams in going to T’daan Falls. This I may say makes our journey a lot more exciting. Upon reaching T’daan Kini Falls, it is a sight to behold, the water is very cold and the place is ideal for picnic and swimming as a means of rejuvenation from the long walks that people does in getting there.
We had our lunch courtesy of Lake Sebu Tourism Board. It was a very filling lunch with fried tilapia which is abundant in the area and adobong manok. We really enjoyed eating our lunch with the use of our hands. It was a long time ago that I used my hands while eating and in sync with nature at that. We just sat where we feel comfortable and ate our lunch. The experience is priceless!

The tour we had was part of the Sox Bloggers spearheaded by Avel Manasala of
Special thanks to the people of Lake Sebu Tourism Board.



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