Friday, October 24, 2008

A Taste of India in Davao City!

There is a small store in Davao City that sells Indian spices, goodies, snack foods, yoghurt and anything from India. This is very popular store to go to. Indian Spice Mini-Mart is located inside Juna Subdivision in Matina, Davao City in front of the catholic church. It is very easy to find and you can take any tricycle driver plying the area, may it be near NCCC Mall or near SM City.

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They are serving hot Samosa, a famous bite size snack food from India and the prices are very affordable. They range fom Php 8.00-14.00 depanding on the filling. They have vegetable, beef and chicken filling it goes well with their tamarind sauce. Mmmm yummy!

What I love about the place is that they have a wide variety of freshly made yogurts and they are very affordable and the sizes are also very generous compared to any mass produced yogurts made by big companies. And we have many flavors to choose from and they have low fat ones, too. Good for anyone on a diet or not.

They also have frozen and ready to cook foods on sale, thay have a variety of spices and also soaps, shampoos, canned goods, preserved fruits, rice and many more. If you are not afraid to try anything new and cook it yourself at home. This is the place to visit.

While I was there I got a bit hungry so I bought a vegetable Samosa and pair it with Buko -Pandan flavored yogurt. That made my day especially with teir tamarind sauce that goes well with Samosa. You should try and go there if you have the time. I bet it is going to be worthy of your time.



Buddy Migs said...


Mapuntahan nga!

Charles said...

You should masarap Samosa nila dun with tamarind sauce and yughorts are to die for and the size is awesome, its going to be worth your time and money!

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