Friday, October 31, 2008

Viet Ville Restaurant, Palawan!

Puerto Princesa, Palawan in the ’70’s when Vietnam war was at it’s peak there were some boat people that landed in Palawan. With the intervention of the Catholic church on behalf of the asylum seekers the Viet Ville was made possible with the financial support of Vietnamese communities around the world in helping to build this community. There are only a few Vietnamese that lives in the village most of them are now reunited with their relatives in various parts of the world and few remained in the island and some are already married to locals.
The place is now one of the tourist attraction in Palawan and a Viet Ville Restaurant is still running and are offering various Vietnamese cuisine. You cannot miss the place, it is around 20 minutes ride from Puerto Princesa and a big sign along the road is very visible and not be missed.

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The Viet Ville Restaurant is the first building that you will encounter while going inside the village. The restaurant is open everyday during lunch and dinner time. If you are in Palawan it is a must visit place to go and dine.

They have a very big welcome at the entrance of the restaurant which is really very exotic and very Vietnamese in style.

The service crew is always ready and polite but to my surprise she is from Davao City and she is already working there for mare than a year. Her boss are Vietnamese and they are in the kitchen the whole time we were there.

She readily gave us a must eat dish in their restaurant. Since I usually eat rice at home. I tried their noodles with spicy beef. It is a one of a surprise for me. The noodle is cold and we ate it like a salad dish with a hot sauce on the side. It is really yummy with some mixed nuts on top and very tender meat with onions, garlic and some fresh herb on top. We also ordered spicy hot fish.

As for desert we have Dragon fruit which was sliced and placed on the plate with some caramel dip on the side. I was really full and satisfied after dinner.

A Catholic Shrine is also present on the right side of the street upon entering the village.

Then there are lots of houses made of wood and tin roof. It looks like a subdivision houses since they all look the same structurally. Very clean and well maintained houses and road.

An unusual roof for a catholic structure, a mix of east meets west.



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