Monday, November 3, 2008

My Nov. 2 visit to Banasalan Public Cemetery!

Traditionally during the November 1 and 2 are the days where most of us Filipinos visit our loved ones in the cemetery. It is usually on the first of November where thousands flock to visit the cemetery, light a candle and offer some flowers. But I go there always on the 2nd of November, the main reason is that it is no longer very crowded and I usually go there early in the morning.

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Since I now live in Digos City and my parents are laid to rest in Bansalan, Davao del Sur. I still have to take a bus which is just 20 minute ride away. The intersection leading to the cemetery is where the traffic usually stops since getting out and riding the buses, jeepneys and private vehicles goes in and the people walking through the streets.

Vendors selling candles,flowers, snack items, beverages, candies, toys and even ukay-ukay are there selling so as to make a little profit for the occasion.

A temporary chapel was put up with just a tent as a roof inside the cemetery and on the side is what the local calls the "condominium" units for their loved ones. It is a 3 storey high (sort of) where those people who cannot afford to lease a lot in the public cemetery lay their loved ones.

The cemetery in Bansalan is undergoing a major facelift courtesy of Mayor Edwin Reyes. I am very impressed, the mayor is just less than two years and already he has done a lot to develop the town and of those is developing the public cemetery. And their perspective is seen below.



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