Wednesday, December 7, 2011

My “Varekai” Cirque du Soliel experience. . . . awesome!

Cirque du Soliel presents Varekai is from the Quebec, Canada is in Manila for a limited engagement from June 22 until July 24,2011 at the Grand Chapiteau, Luneta Park just in front of Quirino Grandstand!

I first saw Verikai’s ad on the internet last year that they are coming over to Manila for a limited time only. I decided then to see the show. I booked a seat for July 26 matinee showing and my plane ticket has to be booked next. Boy, I was so excited to hear the good news and back then I can’t wait for the day to come.
Lat Sunday was a very long and exciting day for me since I have to wake up as early as four in the morning to catch my six thirty morning flight to Manila. I arrived around eight in the morning the matinee showing of Verekai is still at one in the afternoon and gates starts to open at twelve.

That was such a long wait, I just wasted my time going to some stores in Baclarabn, then to Robinson Place, Ermita had my brunch over there and just killing time before going to the circus.

As I arrived at the venue I was awed by the magnificence of the Grand Chaiteau, a tent which stands 66 feet high, can accommodate more than 2,600 people. The tent which has been erected at the Quirino Grandstand by more than 80 people, it looks amazing.

Inside the big tent was two snack bars where you can purchase your giant popcorn and choice of drinks. In the center lies the souvenir shop where you can get t-shirts, souvenir items at sale and  their souvenir program is up for sale at P500.00 a piece(very pricey indeed).

Verikai is a Romanian word which means Wherever in English language, it feature 13 jaw-dropping acts to be performed by the 130-strong Cirque du Soleil which includes 55 artists from all over the world.
Written and directed by Dominique Champagne, the circus act tells the story of a gypsy who falls in love with the creatures of “Varekai.”

It was a thrill of a life time as the show starts, their amazing performances, out of this world costume and their acrobatic feats is just extra ordinary. The stage, lights and special effects just made magic out of the performances, the tree kids from China with their act was just wonderful. The finale was breath taking as the acrobats takes turn in a breath taking acrobatic feat one after another.

I may say it is a once in a lifetime experience!



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