Wednesday, December 7, 2011

A short visit at Chavit Singson’s Baluarte!

If you happen to be in Vigan, Ilocos Sur, then it is a must to visit Chavit Singson’s Baluarte!

Baluarte is an interactive wildlife sanctuary and facility, with the breathtaking view of its dominating scenic boulders amidst trees and greens. It is owned by no less than Ilocos Sur Governor Chavit Singson. Entering the animal sanctuary is free of charge it is just a few minutes away from the town proper.

To get there, it is either you rent a horse driven carriage(Calesa) or hire a tricycle going there.

The facility is especially a big crowd drawer for family outing, activities such as animal feeding, petting, riding the “tiburin”, a small horse-drawn carriage, and visiting our Butterfly Garden will surely be an extraordinary adventure for family.

The place was already featured in national television, Indeed the place is really huge and it is surrounded by trees. The most prominent structure is the huge golden building which can be seen from afar. On top of the building is the famous golden tree which the Chinese usually have as a symbol of prosperity to come inside the house. As you go inside the sanctuary the next prominent structure is the giant dinosaur.

Ostriches, deers are roaming around freely on the grounds, the small ponies, ducks are caged and can be feed during heir feeding time.

Visiting the place is worth your while, I was there too early and they said that more visitors are there during weekends and in the afternoon!



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