Monday, October 6, 2008

2nd International Magic Show in Davao !

The 2nd International Magic Show is a three day affair, the first two days will be on Oct. 17-18 (Friday and Saturday) at the Atrium of Gaisano Mall of Davao and it's for free. It will be a competition among magicians — amateur, hobbyists, and even professionals. The third day Oct. 19 (Saturday) at the CAP Auditoruim where viewers can experience watching distinct performances from the best magicians in the Asian region and a fee will be charge for those who are interested to watch.

There will be manipulators (who use the quickness of their hands in manipulating small and big objects), conjurors (who use mysticism in their performances), ventriloquists (who manipulate voice to make it appears that the voice is coming from elsewhere), and illusionists (who focus on illusion).

The magic show, one of its kind in the country, aims to place Davao in the map of magicians in the world. Top Filipino magicians will be performing and from different parts of Asia like Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia and Mainland China (Macau and Hongkong performers).

Magicians who will be performing at Cap Auditoruim are:

  • From Thailand are Mamada and his 12-year-old protegĂ©, Harry. Mamada, the magic guru in that country, is known for special effects. He performed in last year’s show, and was very satisfied with the crowd’s reaction that he made to sure to be in this year’s event. This time, he is bringing his youngest student Harry who is as skillfull as his namesake, the boy wizard created by JK Rowling. At his tender age, Thailand’s most promising magician can already match the power of his elders.
  • From China are Micky Mak, Richard Mo, and Amatzy Ketvi.
  1. Micky Mak, Asia’s Stage Magic Champion from China, can manipulate big and small items. He can make any objects appear and disappear. He can fill up the stage with various objects.
  2. Richard Mo, Asia’s Close-up Magic Champion from Hong-Kong, can also manipulate any object. He will show his winning acts in the Davao show.
  3. Amatzy Ketvi is Macau’s top manipulator. He can also move anything.
  • From Indonesia is the bizzare Sucahyo. Cahyo’s magic can be bloody, but the unusual act is still suitable for the children.
  • From Malaysia is the comebacking Vincent Tan, the country’s magic superstar. His stunt is comedic, and the muggles will surely be laughing with his acts. He was the most applauded performer in last year’s show, thus he was asked to do an encore.
  • From the Philippines are Tito Cris, D’Wujiman, Rael and Jameskye.
  1. Tito Cris is the country’s top comedic magician who has already performed in other countries.
  2. D’Wujiman is the country’s international close-up magician who has the magic hands for small objects like cards and coins.
  3. Rael is the country’s top ventriloquist and puppet master. He can make any puppet talk.
  4. From Davao is Jameskye, the partnership of James and wife Skye. James said he will do a twisted modern version of slicing a woman.
So better mark your calendar on those dates for more tricks, more illusions, more effects, more stunts, more surprises more thrills, more suspense, more drama, more laughter, more entertainment!



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