Sunday, October 5, 2008

My Camp Sabros Adventure!

Camp Sabros, Kapatagan, Digos City in Davao del Sur noted for having the longest and naughtiest zip line in the Philippines. It is located at around 1,220 meters above sea level. It is such a stunning area – wilderness, lush green mountains, cool mountain breeze, blue skies on a sunny day with a perfect view of the majestic Mt. Apo – with every area perfect for a photo op. With its cool climate a perfect day adventure for anyone who are looking for a thrill and a nice surge of adrenalin fun.

For those who are interested in going for fun and adventure, if you are coming from Davao City my best advise is to rent a taxi if you are a group of four and a van for more than four persons. Since going there is going to be very tough if you don't have your own car to drive.

Do take note that the two pictures above are the landmark where your destination with a car starts or this is the place where you have to stop before going by foot or riding a Habal-habal if you don't like to walk an uphill of one and a half kilometer before reaching Camp Sabros.

Then off you go with your hiking shoes best recommended.

More on the article after the jump, just click read more below for more pictures.

And if the weather is wet or it rained the night before, then expect a muddy road and the mud really sticks on to your shoes an some parts are slipery when wet and Habal-habal is not recommended.

Then you have to register and pay at their counter for the ride of your life.

Then you have to choose which ride you are going to take and they have different charges for different rides.

If you just like to ride the cable car it will cost you just a hundred pesos for a round trip ride, recommended for those who are into slow and relaxing ride.

Then let the fun begins, If you are afraid to go alone on a zip line it is best recommended to bring along a partner and off you go.

A ride for three person is also available.

Watching your friends is a great fun itself.

Camp Sabros workers on their way to the other side of the mountain waiting to catch you when you arrive there.

The landing place on the other side of the mountain.

Just look at their faces it makes you wanna go and ride the zip line yourself.

I highly recommend the 400m zip line ride it is the most expensive but it is all worth your money. You got to ride the 380m zipline, cable car in going back, another 380m zipline ride and off you go to the 400m zip line for the best ride ever.

Go and have fun at Camp Sabros. The best you'll ever experience!!!



Me, the islands and the world said...

weeeeeeeee! i did Sabros twice and wala pa jud ko nagsawa! maka-hyper no?:)

Charles said...

Tma ka dyan! Dili jud ka magsawa.. . .
nakaka adik! You should try it to believe!!!

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